I came across this blog article on The World is Robert Figueroa and thought this was interesting and had to share. It shows the population and race estimates in Puerto Rico from 1530 to 1897.


“The estimates of the colonial Puerto Rican population from 1530 to 1897 are quite revealing of the history of the island before US conquest. First, it reveals the overwhelmingly African and European heritage of Puerto Rico and the disappearance of most indigenous-descended people. Indeed, by 1530, the local Taino population was already dying out/absorbed into the rapidly expanding African and European population, though indigenous peoples from other parts of the Americas were brought to Puerto Rico and Hispaniola as slaves before the Spanish completely shifted their focus to the more wealthy and larger territorial conquests in Mexico, Peru, and the rest of the mainland. Moreover, the table indicates the rise, over time, of a free mulato/pardo and free black population that outnumbered slaves probably well before 1765, when slaves comprised 11.2% of the total population of 44,883. The low population of the colony and the very small slave minority indicates the main interests of the Spanish colonial empire in other regions of their vast empire.”

Read the complete article here: The World is Robert: Puerto Rican Colonial Population

Puerto Rican Colonial Population Estimates and Race
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