Well, I did fairly well for my first run with Ancestry.com. Like many others, I am going to continue to research when I have time, but I will be giving status updates as to where I am in my research and where I am stuck. Who knows, maybe someone out there may have the missing information I need. So here we go…

Puerto Rico

Emilio Guerra

Ancestry.com came in handy tracing my paternal grandfather’s side of the family all the way to my 2nd great grandfather Emilio Guerra who was born around 1862-1870 in Puerto Rico. Here is what I know about him:

  • Married to Carmen Rosario
  • His son was Juan Antonio Guerra (who married Juana Gonzalez)
  • His Mom’s maiden name was Carazo or Caraso
  • He was born in Puerto Rico and lived in Cataño, Puerto Rico
  • Carmen Rosario

    Carmen Rosario is my 2nd great grandmother and Emilio Guerra’s spouse. Here is what I know about her:

  • Born around 1879 in Puerto Rico
  • Records show she also lived in Cataño, Puerto Rico
  • Her Mother was Dominga (Villafana?) Pover or Powers
  • Hipólito Santa Ana

    I am also stuck on my paternal grandmother’s side as well. It was said in an old email that my great grandfather was Hipólito Santa Ana (or Santana?), but I am having a hard time finding records for him. I’m going to ask family members if they know anything.


    I was happy that Ancestry.com had the 1930 Mexico National Census, and I found some records but it was not as detailed in comparison to the U.S. Census. It lists people in each household but it does not state how each person is related to the head of the household.

    We do not know much about my maternal grandfather (my Mom’s Dad) since he passed away when she was only a few months old. Here is what we know about my maternal grandfather Cayetano Cardenas:

    Cayetano (or Calletano) Cardenas

  • Born in or was from Tamazula, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Died in 1958 (was told this)
  • Parents were Primitivo Cardenas and Rafaela Rivas (was told this)
    • Records I found showed Primitivo Cardenas with Maria Rivas
    • Was told he was an only child but…
    • 1930 records listed Felisitas Cardenas and Ramon Cardenas as children in the household with Primitivo and Maria Rivas in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. His older siblings possibly?
    • Unknown person: Luis Ornelas was listed in that household as well
  • All of the information we received about my maternal grandmother’s side came from my grandmother and or her sisters themselves 🙂 She is getting old though and does not remember that much.

    Miguel Leal

    This is what I know about my maternal great grandfather Miguel Leal:

  • Died in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico in 1981
  • Parents were Pancho Leal and Petra Torrez (Torres) (was told this)
  • Married to Maria Rodriguez-Sanchez
  • Maria Rodriguez-Sanchez

    This is what I know about my maternal great grandmother Maria Rodriguez:

  • Died in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico in 1990
  • Father was Ramon Rodriguez
  • Unfortunately I was unable to find records on them on Ancestry.com. There were way too many people with the similar names, so I’m going to need more information. I’m happy that my relatives from Mexico are on Facebook now, so I plan on asking them if they know anything..

    The Stuck Post: October 2013 Edition

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